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Click here to Worship via Streaming on the date and time when the live service is available or choose one of the archived services.

The Grace of Christ be with you!

As you know well, life presses on even during a pandemic. We are now entering our church stewardship season. In these uncertain times, it is particularly important that our church has a good understanding of your ability and willingness to continue your financial support of our ministry together. One’s financial gifts to the church cannot earn God’s favor but they can reflect what one truly believes. How can our financial stewardship reflect the light of Christ?

Generosity reflects a joyful response to God’s grace.

A financial pledge is a statement of faith that God will provide.

Tithing can be a joyful commitment to make giving a priority.

Money is not our master but is a tool to spread the gospel.

Freedom in Christ means that instead of imagining that we could have more and therefore always feeling poor, we understand that we could always live with a little less and therefore are rich and can give willingly with a glad heart.

Blessings to all!


In-Person Worship Guidelines -- Sundays at 10am

MJPC is offering an in-person worship service at 10am on Sundays. Because of limited seating reservations are required. Please call or text me, Will Heyward, on my cell phone to reserve a seat for the 10am service. The 11am service will remain closed to the public in order to live-stream. Please follow the guidelines listed below:

CONFIRMED RESERVATION REQUIRED: Please do not show up at the 10am service without a reservation.

MASKS ARE REQUIRED: Please wear a mask at all times in the MJPC building. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

ALL CDC COVID-19 Guidelines will be observed including social distancing, frequent hand sanitizing, masks, etc.

THERE WILL BE NO SINGING at the 10am service or live anthems

NO SUNDAY SCHOOL or other activities at MJPC are available at this time

NO NURSERY is available at this time

IF THE 10am service reservations fill up, a 9am service will be offered in addition.

DO NOT CALL THE CHURCH OFFICE to make a reservation

All church members are advised to consider the CDC guidelines before calling to make a reservation. If you have traveled recently, don't feel well, are in a high risk demographic, etc., please stay home and enjoy our live-worship stream at 11am.

Thank you again for your cooperation. Once more, to make a reservation or if you have a question call or text me, Will Heyward, on my cell.

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Bulletin & Announcements

Bulletin & Announcements March 22, 2020 and beyond!

March 22, 2020 and beyond!

* If you wish to view/read information on upcoming Sunday worship, open this post regarding church services at MJPC for the forseeable here.

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 Our mailing address:

Our mailing address:

P.O. Box 782

West Jefferson, NC 28694

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