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The Grace of Christ be with you!

The church functions as the salt of the earth when we seek to fulfill the Law of God and the proph-ets in gratitude for our righteousness not by works but by faith in Christ. The law and prophets, then, are tools that we joyfully take up to build a community of faith that is a light to the world. What public ministries does our church employ to engage the world?

  • Ministries of service?

  • Ministries of social justice?

  • Ministries of ______________?

esus states clearly that he will not cater to the rich & powerful nor pander to those who wield religious authority. Instead, Christ prepares those who are suffering to see God not as the cause of their pain but as the one who can bring healiJng and wholeness out of their sufferings and so bless them.

Good works are how we are the salt of the earth. Our creative and caring ministries add spice to life that functions to give the Law of God and the prophets their rich flavor in the world and makes it appealing for others to join our community in service to God in Christ's name.

Blessings, Will

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