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The Grace of Christ be with you!

What is the joy of Easter? What lifts your heart and gives you hope for the future? Also, what is the wonder of Easter? What causes doubt & raises questions in your mind? Can one exist with the other?

-Joy is experiences of the Risen Christ through teaching, preaching, the sacraments, etc.

-Wonder is questions like, “why has God not revealed the Risen Christ to the whole world.”

-Perhaps the one complements the other. One can’t have true joy that does not struggle with doubt.

Joy and wonder complement each other like two sides of the same coin. The reality of continued sin and suffering in the world can temper our joy in the sense of making it stronger. Joy that is out of touch with the doubt of wonder can slip into fantasy. Wonder that loses sight of the joy can lead to cynicism. The church seeks to balance the two.

Blessings, Will

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Bulletin & Announcements March 22, 2020 and beyond!

March 22, 2020 and beyond!

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 Our mailing address:

Our mailing address:

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