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The Grace of Christ be with you!

When Jesus states the Shema (Hear O Israel…) in answer to the greatest command, he adds something to the command to love God—to love God with all our mind. How is this done?

-Seek out a teacher of the faith

-Ask significant questions.

-Listen carefully to the answer from the teacher.

-Affirm the insights that are shared.

-Repeat the insights in your own words

-Apply the insights of the teacher to your own life.

-Allow teacher to comment on your understanding.

The scribe in this text gives us an example of how to love God with all one’s mind. He seeks out the teacher Jesus and asks him a significant question. Affirms the truth & his summary shows that he perceives that to love God with one’s mind is to seek understanding. Further, he understands the application that such love is greater than rituals.

Blessings, Will

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THIS COMING SUNDAY: "The Grammar of Commitment" based on Mark 12:28-34.The Rev. Will Heyward is preaching.

AFFLUENZA!; - Family Movie night! Get all ages together, pop the popcorn, and check out this take on our consumer society. We're looking at the story of Jesus and the rich man (Mark 10:17-31) in Sunday Cool and want to share this video with everyone. Follow the link to see the video. A study guide is available in the 10/20/2021 & following newsletters from MJPC.

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 Our mailing address:

Our mailing address:

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Phone: (336) 846-7481

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