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The Grace of Christ be with you!

Jesus hit a roadblock in his hometown. His closest family and friends took offense at him. They felt they knew who he really was and wouldn’t accept him in the role of teacher and prophet. Yet Jesus hardly missed a beat and instead widened the scope of his ministry. How did he stay on course?

-Discouragement did not derail Jesus.

-Jesus learned from the encounter.

-Jesus adapted to expand his reach.

-Jesus kept confident & kept moving.

Jesus knew where he was going. So, when he encountered a roadblock, even his unexpected rejection at home, he was able to adapt and continue. His takeaway was that prophets can hope to be honored by those who did not personally know him which freed him to expand the reach of his ministry through missionaries.

Blessings, Will

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 Our mailing address:

Our mailing address:

P.O. Box 782

West Jefferson, NC 28694

Phone: (336) 846-7481

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