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Click here to Worship via Live Streaming on Sundays @ 11:00 AM

* To view past services, use the "Archive" tab in order to select a desired date.

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Bulletin & Announcements

Bulletin & Announcements March 1, 2020

March 1, 2020

* If you wish to view/read the upcoming Sunday's bulletin and announcement, open/print the below, downloadable files...

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March 1 announcements (pdf 153.8 Kb)
March 1 bulletin (pdf 507.6 Kb)

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WELCOME CENTER Worship Service Hours:

Worship Service Hours:

11:00 AM each Sunday

Sunday School @ 9:45 AM

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 Our location:

Our location:

201 S. Jefferson Avenue

West Jefferson, NC

Click here for a Google Map.

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 Our mailing address:

Our mailing address:

P.O. Box 782

West Jefferson, NC 28694

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 Wednesday Bible Study

Wednesday Bible Study

The weekly scripture guide(s) for use in the Wednesday bible study at Mount Jefferson Presbyterian Church are posted here for downloading, as desired.

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A-01-Advent1-sg-2016 (pdf 185.3 Kb)
A-02-Advent2-sg-2016 (pdf 199.9 Kb)
A-03-Advent3-sg-2016 (pdf 196.2 Kb)
A-04-Advent4-sg-2016 (pdf 303.6 Kb)
A-06-ChristmasDay-sg-2016 (pdf 269.5 Kb)
A-07-Christmas1-sg-2017 (pdf 184.7 Kb)
A-10-BaptismOfTheLord-sg-2017 (pdf 264.4 Kb)
A-12-Ordinary02-sg-2017 (pdf 270.8 Kb)
A-13-Ordinary03-sg-2017 (pdf 218.7 Kb)
A-14-Ordinary04-sg-2017 (pdf 159.4 Kb)
A-17-Ordinary07-sg-2017 (pdf 253.5 Kb)
A-19-Transfiguration-sg-2017 (pdf 292 Kb)
A-21-Lent1-sg-2017 (pdf 186.7 Kb)
A-22-Lent2-sg-2017 (pdf 345.6 Kb)
A-23-Lent3-sg-2017 (pdf 278.4 Kb)
A-24-Lent4-sg-2017 (pdf 248.2 Kb)
A-33-Easter3-sg-2017 (pdf 223.9 Kb)
C-56-Ordinary24-sg-2016 (pdf 235.3 Kb)
C-57-Ordinary25-sg-2016 (pdf 185.5 Kb)
C-58-Ordinary26-sg-2016 (pdf 195.4 Kb)
C-59-Ordinary27-sg-2016 (pdf 251.1 Kb)
C-60-Ordinary28-sg-2016 (pdf 196.4 Kb)
C-61-Ordinary29-sg-2016 (pdf 195.9 Kb)
C-62-Ordinary30-sg-2016 (pdf 182.4 Kb)
C-63-Ordinary31-sg-2016 (pdf 199.5 Kb)
C-64-Ordinary32-sg-2016 (pdf 196.8 Kb)
C-65-Ordinary33-sg-2016 (pdf 184.4 Kb)
C-66-ChristTheKing-sg-2016 (pdf 195.4 Kb)

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 Youth Activities:

Youth Activities:


Ashe County Video Crew

VBS Information

Youth Montreat Experience

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 Worship Service Volunteers:

Worship Service Volunteers:

Worship Leaders

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