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The Grace of Christ be with you!

While Jesus walked on earth he saw, experienced and understood that challenges that the church faces in everyday living. The ascension of Christ may raises the question of how Christ will stay connected with us and not “lose sight” of our challenges from his view on high. Which of the following represent how the church can honor his ascension and be the body of Christ in the world?

1. The church seeks political power in the world.

2. The church seeks to fulfill God’s promise Abraham and be a blessing to all the families of the earth.

3. The church hangs onto the past and refuses to change.

4. The church adapts to change in order to reach out.

5. The church fears the future.

6. The church looks to the future in hope.

7. The church hangs on & won’t let go of its children.

8. The church sends its children out with God’s blessing.

9. The church must wait for reconciliation in heaven.

10. The church begins the resurrected life in its fellowship.

After his resurrection, Jesus’ disciples expected Him to be enthroned by God to rule the world through the restored political kingdom of Israel. Instead, Jesus ascended to the Father and promised that the Holy Spirit would empower them to be his witnesses to the world in what we now call the church. In order to honor Christ the disciples had to let go of their past expectations and redefine power not as political might but as the gift of God’s Spirit to create & sustain the reconciled community of faith—the church (as represented in the even numbers in the list).

Blessings, Will

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Our mailing address:

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