Fellowship and Hospitality Committee

Fellowship and Hospitality Committee

The Fellowship and Hospitality Committee plans get-togethers for the congregation like church suppers, or outings to see plays, visits to historic churches, browsing through interesting towns, or just eating out together and listening to some bluegrass. The Committee also looks for ways to help our visitors feel welcomed and at home at MJPC.

Fellowship/Hospitality Committee Responsibilities:

A. Arrange for New Member Classes, as needed.

B. Compile and maintain information gained from visitors sheets.

* Send cards to frequent visitors and give out directories of latest pictorial directory as long as they are available.

* Encourage everyone to come to Fellowship after church so they can meet people and learn more about our church.

* Answer any questions or find answers for questions they may have.

* Ensure that all greeters are present at all worship services or any other services needing greeters.

* Arrange for youth to do two cents a meal the last Sunday of the month.

C. Make sure nurseries for Sunday School and Worship are covered with two volunteers in each nursery.

D. Work with Worship Committee whenever needed for special services, such as Maundy Thursday. Work with other committees whenever needed.

E. Facilitate Fellowship after worship.

* Ask people to volunteer; if no one has volunteered then our committee has the fellowship.

* A small fund, for which a few people have elected to donate rather than do Fellowship, is available to buy cookies, drinks, etc.

* Ask people to keep it simple, such as drink, cookie and chips or nuts. We may, throughout the year, have Special Fellowships which are more elaborate.

F. Set up for all the dinners except the Birthday Dinner which is done by P.W.

* Responsible for decorating for Joy Gift dinner and for Santa for the children.

* Easter Breakfast also comes under our committee.

* Set up for Worship in the park.

* Generally, dinners are after worship; this helps the parents of small children.

* Plan and implement evangelism inside and outside the congregation.

* In charge of the booth for the Christmas in July representing our church. This is a fun event allowing for the opportunity to meet a lot of visitors. The booth is manned from 9:00 am until 6:00 p.m.

G. Arrange for Bible Study.

H. Plan outings: plays to Wytheville, Breakfast at Shatley Springs, trip to Crossnore, and other Fellowship outings.

I. Coordinate special Fellowship events for new employees, or whenever someone leaves.

J. Committee also presides over a decorating committee; do most of the decorating during Christmas, working closely with the Worship committee.

K. Serve as a liaison between Presbyterian Women and session, whenever necessary.

L. Update the Pictorial Directory.

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