Personnel and Administration Committee

Personnel and Administration Committee

Personnel Committee Responsibilities

Session Personnel Committee

Purpose: To provide for an orderly, focused and considerate means for the session to build a healthy work environment.

Membership: Three persons: one from the session, one of whom shall be appointed chair by the session, and three members from the congregation. The pastor serves as an ex-officio member.

All members are appointed by the session. The committee will be divided into classes which are determined by the session’s normal rotation process. No one may serve more than two consecutive terms.

Meetings: The committee shall meet at least quarterly and on the call of the chairperson and pastor.

The agenda for each meeting shall be set by the chairperson and reviewed with the pastor if needed. Meetings can take place without the pastor present as long as the pastor is notified and informed of the agenda if needed.

Relationships and Accountability: The committee is accountable to the session. It will present a written report to the session following each committee meeting.


Recommend to session position descriptions for all staff.

Participate in all hiring and firing personnel decisions of staff members

Review and recommend to session compensation packages for all staff.

Work with Pastor on staff evaluations to be presented to session annually

Recommend to session Personnel policies.

Encourage professional growth and development for all staff through the development of session approved work plans.

Provide for a review process for all staff to assist in compliance with work plans.

Recommend to session ways to manage risk liabilities related to staff work.

Implement a plan of equal employment opportunities, developed in consultation with the presbytery and approved by the session.

Act as a support group for the pastor and other members of the staff.

Serve as liaison between church staff, session, and the congregation

Confer with the pastor on any important issues of concern.

Record keeping of all staff

Initial Personnel Committee Tasks:

Review/compare and contrast MJPC existing Personnel Committee document to Presbytery "Guide Lines for Session Personnel Committees".

Review Presbytery Personnel documents "help stretch pastor's salary", "employee handbook -2010", "eval times - guide lines for evaluating church ministry", "six month pastor review doc.", and create/apply as appropriate for MJPC

Add/change/delete to defined Personnel responsibilities and Presbytery documents as appropriate and present to session for approval.

Upon approval from session regarding Personnel committee responsibilities and documents, add detail as much or as little as appropriate

Review and execute session approved responsibilities which include the review/compare and contrasting of all existing processes and documents

Add/change/delete and/or create necessary processes and documents for session approval

Define/reconfirm/implement recording keeping "jackets"

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