West Jefferson Presbyterian Church

West Jefferson Presbyterian Church held its organizational meeting in the Carolina Theatre in July, 1925. The five charter members of the church were Mrs. R.C. (Sallie) Barr, Mrs. T.C. Bowie, Mrs. W.J. (Martha) Price, Mrs. T.P. Tudor, and Miss Elizabeth Bowie. Rev. C.W. Robinson and Rev. R.H. Stone presided over the meeting.

A temporary church was built of wood on the lot where the Mount Jefferson sanctuary now stands, a lot bought for $1,900 from Ben Miller and daughter Ida Miller. This sanctuary was begun in 1927 after the temporary church was moved. Rev. R.H. Stone was responsible for getting people to donate lumber, other materials, and time to make it possible to construct the church. The first service was held on Thanksgiving Day of that year in the unfinished building.

Pastors of this church not mentioned above under Obids were: E.N. Caldwell, D.F. Helm, J.H. Carter, O.V. Caudill, W.P. Boyle, C.M. Voyles, and Thomas I. Smith. The sanctuary was remodeled and the educational building built in about the late 1950s--early 1960s.

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