National Day of Prayer May 7, 2020

National Day of Prayer

May 7, 2020

Grace & Peace to all!

Tomorrow, May 7th, is the National Day of Prayer. The North Carolina Council of Churches is inviting our churches to “In a spirit of solidarity and hope, join us for the sounds that summon us to worship even as we wait for the day we will all be together again.”

In the “spirit of solidarity and hope,” I will stand on the front steps (weather permitting) of our church and ring in the noon hour live on Facebook. You can watch it live on our church’s Facebook page at “Mount Jefferson Presbyterian Church.” You will be able to watch the replay on Facebook, too. I will also post the replay on vimeo and will include the link in our weekly church email.

Here’s praying for the day that we will be able to answer this call to worship in person!



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