Christmas Joy Gift Service December 8, 2013

Christmas Joy Gift Service

December 8, 2013

* The Joy Gift Service on Sunday, December 8, 2013 featured a wonderful program on the part of the MJPC Children's Choir under the direction of Carla Young and Keith McCutcheon, MJPC Director of Music.

* Mouse over the thumbnail photographs to the right to see more pictures of the performers.

* NOTE: When viewing thumbnails, use your mouse to left click on the (F)ast, (M)edium or (S)low controller found in the upper right corner of any image displayed...doing so will run a slide show of all the images at the rate of speed selected. Enjoy!

* Also, open the video clip - below - and be sure and select full screen to fully enjoy the performance!

Click here to open/view video of the program:

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