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The grace of Christ be with you!

The MJPC session met last Sunday afternoon online for its stated monthly meeting. Our church will continue to follow the state & CDC guidelines regarding the pandemic. There will be no in-person service but we will continue to live-stream our Sunday worship at 11am. You can, of course, participate in this online service on our website at and on Facebook Live. One proviso that is very much on my mind, both my wife and I work in public arenas (a hospital & a church). Should either of us be quarantined the other will follow suit. If so (or if other circumstances warrant it), the alternate plan for Sunday worship will be to tape the service in advance and post it on the live-stream archive and on Facebook.

Your patience and support through these trying times has been a welcome relief among the rancor that permeates much of the public media. With the gift of live-streaming capabilities, God has provided us an Ark, an online place where we can safely gather to worship amid the storm. Let us continue to do our part-Wear, Wait, Wash-and rise above the divisive politics of our day in order to love our neighbor as ourselves.


Please use this information to share your joys and prayer concerns for our weekly email to the congregation! Include:

1. Name (first/last)

2. Joy/concern, and

3. Who they are if they're not a church member (e.g., friend of (name) or uncle of... etc.)

Email this info to MJPC by 9am Wednesday! This list will be new each week.

Thank you!

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