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The Grace of Christ be with you!

Happy Thanksgiving and (wait for it)...Merry Christmas! Yes, the first Sunday in Advent begins on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We all travel through time (and what a time we live in!) but in different ways. Sometimes we experience time in a linear fashion; that is, we move from the beginning of something to the end. Sometimes, though, time is circular like the four seasons and repeats every year without ever ending. Finally, time can be a special event like a momentous decision or a mountain top experience. In this light, what “time” is Advent?

-Does the church experience Advent as linear time?

In this light Advent is primarily a past promise that was finally fulfilled with the birth of Christ.

-Or do we experience Advent at circular time?

In this light Advent is a season that repeats end-less and allows us time to prepare for Christ’s return.

-Or do we experience Advent as a special event.

In this light, Advent is a special time, as a mountain top experience, where we are called to act.

Advent contains all three experiences of time. Advent is linear in that it remembers God’s promise of a savior and his birth in Bethlehem. Advent is also circular but not quite like the seasons even though it returns every year. Instead, it is circular in that is puts Christ and not our own era at the center of time. Hence Advent becomes a special time where we act as his disciples while we await his return.

Blessings to all!


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