Music Program

* The music program at Mount Jefferson Presbyterian Church is an integral part of the worship life of the congregation. We strive to convey God's love and glory through inspirational expressions of praise.

* In keeping with the history of artistic excellence at Mount Jefferson Presbyterian Church, the music program offers a positive learning environment for all who choose to participate. We are active in the cultural life of Ashe County and strive to enrich the spirit of everyone who hears our ministry.

* We would like to welcome you to join us in serving God through song. Come make a joyful noise unto the Lord!

Some special music programs in which the MJPC Choir has participated include:

Christmas Cantata - choirs from the Baptist, Methodist and our church perform an annual concert at the Methodist Church.

Patriotic Music Presentation - choirs from the Baptist, Methodist and our church present a medley of patriotic music pieces around the 4th of July at the Methodist Church.

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