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The Grace of Christ be with you!

Christians are not immune from the possession obsession. What steps can we take to deal with it?

1. Accept the grace of Christ and be reconciled to God.

2. Seek to reconcile our broken relationships with one another.

3. Build communities of faith as embassies of God’s love in the world that cultivate disciples who prepare for Christ’s return.

4. Recognize that Christ’s return though sure is no longer imminent.

5. Treat repentance as a life long commitment rather than a one time act.

6. Admit our continued susceptibility to love or fear possessions.

7. Pool our possessions together in the church and use them as tools to promote God’s kingdom of sharing and reconciliation.

8. Live as stewards who both enjoy of all God’s creation and work to leave it in good shape for future generations to enjoy.

9. Learn from our mistakes in undervaluing or overvaluing possessions.

10. Work to forgive those who undervalue our things or overvalue theirs.

11. Cultivate a life of generosity that uses rather than serves possessions.

12. Anticipate death as promotion to enjoy full communion with Christ.

Yes, I couldn’t resist presenting Jesus’ call to sell our possessions and give alms as a 12 step program. Yet, I believe that it is a helpful way to look at this scripture.

First, it presents Christians as recovering sinners who need support to stay on the Way of Christ.

Second, it puts our obsessions with possessions in context of the whole the gospel as a concrete example of how the good news changes our lives.

Blessings, Will

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 Our mailing address:

Our mailing address:

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Phone: (336) 846-7481

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