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The Grace of Christ be with you!

Impatience is a common characteristic of the human condition. People are in a hurry and like children can’t wait for Christmas day to arrive. In such a state, one may wonder why we bother with the season of Advent. Yet Advent reminds the church of the long wait the people of Israel endured until the coming of the Messiah. Advent reminds the church of the need to prepare or to state it more clearly, the time God needs to prepare us. How can Advent prepare us for what lies ahead?

  • Advent gives the church time to take stock of our lives and our need for God’s grace.

  • Advent slows us down and gives the church an alternative to the busy holiday season.

  • Advent calls us to look around and see the needs of others and opportunities to help.

  • Advent calls us to prepare through repentance.

Advent prepares the church to answer the call of Christ when we join together in prayer, reflection, and acts of service to others. The challenge for the church in today’s world is not to refrain from observing the season but to ground our observance of the season in scripture and not lose our way in the holiday rush. In this way we are prepared for and celebrate Christ’s advent.

Merry Christmas, Will

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