Mount Jefferson Presbyterian Church

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Jefferson Presbyterian Church

The Jefferson Presbyterian Church building was dedicated on July 15, 1900 at services conducted by Rev. Robert E. Caldwell of Winston-Salem. The church was organized and held its first Session meeting on July 22, 1900.

Rev. Allen Jones, Jr. served as the pastor from its organization until June 1902. E.A. McNeill was elected as one of its first Ruling Elders and Clerk of the Session and was responsible for having the Sunday School rooms built. Mr. McNeill was Robert McNeill's grandfather and Bob McNeill's granduncle.

Other pastors were Sle Smith (1902), E.W. Thompson, R.H. Stone (1921-1941), D.R. Freeman, student (1923), B.A. Meeks (1942-1945), W.P. Boyle (1946), Cecil Callis (1947-1949), R.F. Brown (1951-1953), J.R. Jackson (1954-1956), and H.H. Culber (1956-1961).

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